Kia Fleet

Whether you’re a small business owner running a few
cars or a multinational corporate company with an extensive
global fleet, Kia and its Fleet organisation are dedicated to
meeting your needs.


Fleet Solutions

Kia Bahrain Fleet Team is dedicated to meeting any SME  or corporate auto needs the Bahrain.
Thanks to a fast expanding range, of high-quality, well-equipped and cost-effective vehicles, the Kia fleet team provides tailored fleet services to satisfy companies of all sizes. Kia Fleet solutions surpass competition with real competitive value, rapidly strengthening residual value,  competitive service cost, and fuel efficiency.
Kia Warranty :
5 years or 100,000 km manufacturer’s  Warranty For All Models

2 years or 50,000 km manufacturer’s Warrantee for K4000
Kia Tailored solutions include:

  • Competitive insurance rates.
  • Dealer Service contracts cover all maintenance requirements performed by well trained Kia service teams across the Bahrain
  • Extended warranty
  • Bank Finance assistance

Kia offers your business:

  • Numerous world class awards for design , Quality, cost of ownership and safety
  • Strong residual value
  • Modified features for convenience and safety purposes
  • Value and economy Kia range
  • Test drive and demonstration

For more information or to get your fleet quote, Contact our fleet team today !

Head Office Mr. Vishal Prabhakar Asst. Fleet Manager  +973 33670065

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